WE deliver

Delivering information, documents and files is our business. We also deliver opportunities for our partners by enabling them to customize valuable services that engage, monetize, and retain clients. And we create better outcomes for consumers by providing a single secure interface to easily check organizations, submit alerts, feedback and suggestions and connect, with organizations and individuals.

The TDeliver applications suite delivers information, securely and instantaneously, dashboard to dashboard:

  • TMail, when email is not sure enough
    • Unlimited messages, documents, and files to one or a million recipients
    • No spam or phishing ever
  • TConnect optimizes the timeliness, quantity and quality of notifications, feedback, and suggestions
    • Alerts, exceed all compliance requirements and is the solution most likely to prevent and the first to detect prohibited conduct
    • Feedback
    • Suggestions
    • Shields certify compliance and protection and are an optional portal to access and to submit feedback

These research-based solutions:

  1. Make information, documents, and files easily accessible to the people you want, when they want
  2. Protect people and organizations
  3. Engage the people you want to engage
  4. Measurably optimize performance and satisfaction
  5. Build trust

We have four compliance driven, performance justified Partner Programs. Each offers significant and continuing revenues monitored from a real-time dashboard.


Increase value created and revenues by incorporating one or more of our innovative and impactful technologies in communication, customer service, ecommerce, sales, HR and staffing – and other apps.


Ideal for Associations, Groups and Media, the Promote program is very easy to customize and launch. TDeliver packages create significant value for Partner constituents and provide a significant and continuous revenue share. Start earning today. Individuals or organizations, a coupon code or a link to compelling sign up page. Promote TDeliver solutions and let us do the rest.

Consultancies can use the Promote program to augment or build a thriving practice helping organizations to measurably improve performance and satisfaction. They have exclusive access to the TDeliver  knowledge base, specialized training and train the trainer sessions.


Enterprise organizations and franchisors, whether in one area or multiple continents, continually and measurably benefit from customized TDeliver applications. Integrate the apps or offer options at a branded sign up page, both at a surprising low cost.


Increase market share and continual profits with a hosted and managed white label platform:

  • Completely integrated or standalone
  • Service-oriented architecture (SOA)
  • Mobile optimized and or branded Android, iOS and Window apps
  • Very low wholesale pricing
  • Proven and scalable technology enables speed to market and seamless and high-level data processing
  • Includes email marketing, enrollment, automatic payment processing and up-sell/cross-sell, affiliate and third-party marketing functions
  • Manage and monitor from real-time dashboard

Integrate for Success – TDeliver understands that while our solutions are critical to every organization, they are part of an ecosystem and must seamlessly integrate with other systems. We have integrated our solutions with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, marketing automation platforms (MAP) and other third-party systems. TDeliver offers ‘out of the box’ connectors to CRM and MAP systems, as well as open APIs for connection to other systems.

All programs include marketing content and pre-sales, post-sales, billing and customer support as well as TDeliver  applications at no cost.